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Rebuilding and Transforming the Employee Experience for a Post-CV19 World

Presenter: Bpi, Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute


In this session, Tonille Miller, Global Vice President of People, Culture and Leadership Development at Startek will facilitate a session and share best practices on rebuilding and transforming the employee experience for a post-CV19 World. The focus of the session is the importance of the employee experience and using what we’ve learned over the past few months to rebuild and even transform it to ensure leaders and organizations are successful in the new world we find ourselves in.

In this session you will learn:

What Will You Learn

1) What is employee experience and why it's important to leaders and business outcomes
2) How the COVID 19 crisis has impacted the employee experience
3) Applying lessons we’ve learned from the COVID 19 crisis to rebuild and transform your employee experience to align with your organization going forward.
4) How to build a superior employee experience with remote and non-remote teams.



Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute

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