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Rethinking Talent Reviews in 2020 in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenter: Josh Greenwald, SVP, Chief Talent Management Officer, TIAA
Louis Carter, CEO, BPI


In light of COVID-19 and the sudden change in the current work environment, talent reviews are being looked at in a different way. During this session, led by Josh Greenwald, Chief Talent Management Officer at TIAA, we will come together to share our current thinking, strategies, and plans around how we will approach Talent Reviews in 2020.

Specifically, we will address the following questions together:

What Will You Learn

1) Are you continuing with talent reviews in a “business as usual” approach or a “business continuity” one?
2) How are you accounting for potential lost productivity and/or measurements of a virtual workforce in your 2020 talent reviews?
3) Have you started, or planned to start, infusing more business activities into your talent review process or are you still taking it month to month? When did they, or will they be starting?


Josh Greenwald

SVP, Chief Talent Management Officer, TIAA

Louis Carter


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60 Minutes