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Best/Next Practices in Learning Agility, Talent Capabilities, and Talent Reviews

Presenter: Amy Clark, Vice President, Talent Management, Sallie Mae


At Sallie Mae, we have developed a model of how to assess for leadership potential which we will share at this session, along with how we shifted mindsets at Sallie Mae in this area.

We will then take a deeper dive into one area - Learning Agility, to learn more about how you are assessing for this in your organization.

Specifically, I would like to understand:

What Will You Learn

1) How do you assess potential in current employees, and specifically learning agility? What tools do you use for this?
2) How do you assess potential in candidates as part of your sourcing and pre-hire assessments?
3) How do you teach it and develop this competency within your people?
4) How does the identification of a potential future leader impact the rest of their talent life-cycle (i.e. Career Development, Leadership Development, Retention, mobility, etc.)?
5) How do you convince senior leaders of the importance of this skill if it is not clear to them?


Amy Clark

Vice President, Talent Management, Sallie Mae

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90 Minutes