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Managing Oneself Through Busyness, Uncertainty and Change

Presenter: Julie Rosenberg, Author of Beyond the Mat, Enlightened Leadership LLC


As workers today, we have a responsibility to manage ourselves. As individuals, not only do we need to manage ourselves, but we are ultimately responsible for our health and wellbeing. Both of these responsibilities are challenging in modern times, as we live with constant busyness, uncertainty and change.

For most of us, gone are the days in which we get to leave work behind when we leave work. Our personal and professional lives start to bleed together, as we begin checking email and text messages starting the very moment we wake up and continue into the late hours of the night. The standard Monday-through-Friday work week is no more. We are constantly asked to do more with less.

In a world that never stops, it’s essential to be able to find stillness amid the motion.

What Will You Learn

After reviewing the challenges of our modern environment, I describe some of the philosophical underpinnings of yoga and their application to living and leading effectively in the modern world. Topics addressed include:

- The good, the bad and the ugly of social media — How to stay connected while still giving yourself much-needed space

- How to prioritize and practice self-care — You must take care of yourself first before you take care of others

- Strategies to keep calm, focused, and productive in times of change and uncertainty

- Purposeful living and leading

The end goal of this discussion is to provide audience members with real tools they can use to live more purposeful and healthy lives, and to find more joy and satisfaction in work.


Julie Rosenberg

Author of Beyond the Mat, Enlightened Leadership LLC

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60 Minutes