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What Leaders need to know in order to create and sustain an agile organizational culture

Presenter: Mary Eggers, Senior Partner and co-developer of “Whole-Scale® Change.”, Dannemiller Tyson Associates (DTA)


Working with organizations around the globe, we have found it universally true that people support what they help to create. This session focuses on a few of the robust Whole-Scale® principles and models that support an agile, empowered culture.

What Will You Learn

1. The power of microcosm to create system awareness: Wherever possible, we bring together groups, small and large, that reflect the characteristics of the organization or system as a whole. By engaging diverse groups that reflect the perspectives different levels, functions, geographies, genders and ethnicities, we can create interactions that reflect the larger system in constitution, configuration, or development. In exploring this principle, leaders learn how to engage diverse perspectives that ensure all voices are included in the change.

2. Converge/Diverge process flow to create critical mass. A change roadmap uses a series of large group and small group meetings to alternately plan (large group) and then act (small groups) while keeping the system whole. The model is a design tool for the change journey to create and sustain change in the organization. In exploring this model we cover how a leader can create and sustain a critical mass of support for the change.

3. Action learning to support continuous improvement. The concept of action learning (Plan-Do-Check-Act) dates back to the origins of organizational development with Kurt Lewin and D. Edwards Deming. The principle of continuous learning is more important today than ever. “As the world changes, we increasing find ourselves on stage without a script challenged to improvise” Mary Katherine Bateson. We will discuss how leaders can learn to create a culture that learns from its actions while staying on track to achieve and sustain a shared vision of the future.

Who Will Participate

This session is available to all BPI members.


Mary Eggers

Senior Partner and co-developer of “Whole-Scale® Change.”, Dannemiller Tyson Associates (DTA)

Access Resource

60 Minutes