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The New Architecture of Organizations

Presenter: Bpi, Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute


Learn and share factors and practices that are affecting the new architecture of organizations including engagement, career portability, opportunity compression, and more!

What Will You Learn

Sample Questions:
· How do you captivate heads, hearts and employee pride in your change initiatives?
· How are you promoting career portability, highlighting development in a broader enriching approach?
· How do you manage opportunity compression, building interesting roles and keeping people moving in the top 5 levels of a company when you have low attrition?
· How have external structures and practices affected your talent strategies? (e.g. DOD Abrams Doctrine Force in Fact/Force in Reserve as to full workforces or DOD Regionally Aligned Forces (RAF) as to scalability, talent and reliability)

Who Will Participate

Senior Executive Board members and internally invited guests



Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute

Access Resource

90 Minutes