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Integrated Talent Management and How to Get There (Integrated Talent Management Roundtable)

Presenter: Andy Rice, Principal and Lead Strategist at Black Box Consulting


Many companies are familiar with the benefits of Integrated Talent Management. As compelling as these benefits are, corporate HR organizations often remain in silos as they struggle to find a path to Talent Management integration.

In this session, Talent Management Strategy expert Andy Rice of Black Box Consulting will show you a practical approach to integrating your Talent Management function. The approach, called the “Black Box Method,” has been in use for decades in engineering to manage the design of large, complex systems and structures, and has only recently been applied to creating a strategy-driven integrated Talent Management function.

Attendees will learn about the Black Box Method, allowing you to determine the precise needs of each function in talent management and create a detailed roadmap for connecting those functions. This roadmap will become your multi-year plan for breaking down the silos in Talent Management and ensuring that your talent strategies are driven by your corporate business goals and objectives.

What Will You Learn

•What does an Integrated Talent Management function look like?
•How can I overcome the difficulties of integrating Talent Management?
•What is the systematic way for me to integrate my Talent Management function?

Who Will Participate

This is an important session for anyone involved in HR or talent strategy decision-making, and provides insight to take your strategic planning to a new level of impact.


Andy Rice

Principal and Lead Strategist at Black Box Consulting

Access Resource

60 Minutes