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Human Asset Instability and its Effect on Talent Strategies (Integrated Talent Management Roundtable)

Presenter: Tom Casey, Managing Principal, Discussion Partner Collaborative LLC


The Talent Landscape is changing rapidly with 5 forces coalescing into a "Perfect Storm".
1. Imminent Retirement of Baby Boomers
2. Disenfranchised Employee Engagement
3. C-Suite and Board Disatisfaction with Human Capital
4. Intense Competition for "Hot Skills" incumbencies
5. HR Domestic Competencies lack suitability in a Global Environment

In this webinar Tom will share his research driven intersections of the talent landscape. The research was conducted with 150 Global CEOs and over 2,000 executives on their aspirations for their enterprises, Human Resource discipline and themselves.

What Will You Learn

-The 5 forces that are affecting the talent landscape
-What research shows are top priorities for Global CEOs
-Enterpise-wide aspirations for talent strategies
-How aligning talent and business goals benefits organizations
-Models for handling talent instability

Who Will Participate

C-Suite Leaders, HR Director and Managers, Executives at the VP Level, Talent Management professionals, anyone who wants to learn how to manage and navigate the changing landscape of Talent.


Tom Casey

Managing Principal, Discussion Partner Collaborative LLC

Access Resource

60 Minutes