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The Cultural Fit Factor: How to Attract, Retain and Repel the Right Employee (Recruitment Roundtable)

Presenter: Lizz Pellet, VP of Felix Group Corp


While organizational culture has been touted since the early 1990’s as essential for business success, there has been little connection between organizational culture and individual (employee – candidate) “fit”. We have found that having the knowledge of “who you are” and “who you are not” from a cultural perspective, can support the creation of an employment experience that is both authentic and congruent. By paying attention to congruence, alignment and fit, organizations can create an employment brand that will attract, retain, and repel employees. This process of ensuring “fit” leads to better placements and an increase in the ROI of your Talent Management function.

What Will You Learn

• How to use recruitment and retention programs to better your organization
• Learn how to implement a “fit” process
• Explore models of culture perspectives
• Create a personal employment brand

Who Will Participate

HR professionals, corporate recruiters, Directors of Talent Acquistion, Recruitment Professionals, Organizational Design Professionals, Talent management professionals.


Lizz Pellet

VP of Felix Group Corp

Access Resource

60 Minutes