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Benchmark-it Session with BP: Engaging, Driving, and Aligning the Learning Community and Strategy through One Integrated Learning Architecture

Presenter: Rita Vanhauwenhuyse, VP Talent & Learning, BP
Diego Rabinovich, Global Capability Development Manager, BP


BP has a strong multi-year roadmap that will strengthen its current learning landscape for both learners and the business. With strong executive support, this initiative will aim to integrate its learning architecture. During this session, we will engage in active advice, benchmarking, and discussion on improving integrated learning architectures as well as discovering and creating best and next practices in this area.

BP will present three primary slides for 15 minutes that describe their current issues, journey, and desired destination (i.e., roadmap). We will spend the remaining 45 minutes learning from the experiences and models from board member organizations.

What Will You Learn

We will discuss, benchmark and give advice on:
- Your successful cases and work in the area of Integrated Learning Architectures
- Key success factors for multi-year initiatives
- Integrated Learning Architecture Programs
- Steps to successful integration
- Experiences on Effects of Integrating Learning

Who Will Participate

Senior Executive Board members and internally invited guests


Rita Vanhauwenhuyse

VP Talent & Learning, BP

Diego Rabinovich

Global Capability Development Manager, BP

Access Resource

60 Minutes