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Powerful People Measures: How Assumptions about Metrics Are Barriers to Results and What You Can Do

Presenter: Charley Morrow, PhD, Executive Consultant and Coach, Talent Assessment Development Advisors


Most organizations measure their people—what they think, how well they perform, how they interact. But what is the real impact of all this measurement? Sometimes very useful, but often not so useful. People measurement fails mainly when it is treated as a technical endeavor rather than an interactive one. Measurement is language; everyone needs to understand it in the same way and it has to be used with attention to how it will be understood.

Conversations and metrics are the real basis of communicating directions and identifying problems in organizations. Many leaders and talent management organizations lack fluency in measurement. Many communicate things with metrics that they would never say to an individual in person. The result is decreased engagement, work-arounds, distorted incentives, and shadow-motivation systems.

In this seminar, Charley Morrow will review assumptions about measurement that prevent organizations from unleashing their unique power while decreasing employee engagement with the organization. By understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses of people-measures, you will learn what it means to treat measurement systems as an interactive and organization-wide language. You will learn tools and techniques to maximize the power of people measurement, and by treating it as a language, to get better accountability and results.

What Will You Learn

-How to Help Your Organization Unleash Their Unique Power
-To Understand Strengths and Weaknesses of People Measures
-How to Treat Measurement Systems as an Interactive and Organization Wide-Language
-Tools & Techniques to Maximize the Power of People Measurement

Who Will Participate

Individuals responsible for managing others in large organizations, Talent and HR professionals, School administrators


Charley Morrow, PhD

Executive Consultant and Coach, Talent Assessment Development Advisors

Access Resource

60 Minutes