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Hilton's Global Leadership Development Program

Presenter: Sue Hale, Vice President, Leadership Development, Hilton Worldwide


Hilton's leadership development programs have been in place for a number of years and are regarded as being amongst the best in the hospitality industry, with rigorous selection criteria, senior executive involvement and structured development journeys.
As Hilton takes on new challenges they must continue to be both leading edge and fit for purpose, with global application and consistency in our program content, branding and collateral.
Hilton has recently completed a global program refresh to maintain its competitive edge.
These global programs are supplemented by Regional and country programs e.g. in China, in Saudi Arabia.

Sue Hale is Vice President of Leadership Development at Hilton Worldwide, and a current BPI Senior Executive Board Member.


Sue Hale

Vice President, Leadership Development, Hilton Worldwide

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60 Minutes