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5 Reasons Leaders Fail and How to Avoid Them

Presenter: Edith Onderick-Harvey , President, Factor In Talent


We’ve all heard the stories of superstars who flame out too quickly. We’ve seen high performing managers whose careers are derailed somewhere along the way. Identifying potential derailers and taking action can maximize your investments in leaders and reduce the cost of a leadership mismatch. This engaging, interactive session explores 5 important reasons why leaders fail - even when they’ve had a track record of success - and what organizations can do to avoid costly mistakes and manage leadership transitions effectively.

What Will You Learn

•The cost of leadership failure in organizations
•Five common reasons why leaders fail
•Key questions to ask before a leader moves into a new role
•Strategies to avoid situations where leaders fail

Who Will Participate

Executives, Senior Managers, HR leaders, Talent Management Executives


Edith Onderick-Harvey

President, Factor In Talent

Access Resource

60 Minutes