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How to Say What You Mean and Get People to Listen

Presenter: David Mann, Founder & Story Specialist, Simple Message


You know what you're talking about. You're an expert. You're trustworthy and sincere. So why doesn't your staff or your clients always do what you need them to do? It could be because they don't understand the way you communicate.

In this webinar, David Mann will outline useful methods of making key points clearly and concisely, telling a memorable story, working the room, translating technical jargon into everyday speech, and listening to your listener.

What Will You Learn

You will learn:
-To get the message across with clarity, compassion, and confidence.
-Methodologies appropriate according to whom you are communicating with and a great deal more, to ensure you are effectively getting your meaning across to your audience.


David Mann

Founder & Story Specialist, Simple Message

Access Resource

60 Minutes