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Add Story Power to Your Talent Management & Development Process

Presenter: Diane Senffner, CEO, Cine Learning Productions
David Lee, Author of ASTD publication 'Add Powerful Storytelling Techniques to Your Training' and Founder of HumanNature@Work


Smart employers use stories to amplify the effectiveness of all aspects of their talent management and development process, including employer branding, new hire orientation, employee engagement, training, and coaching.

Companies with great Employer Brands use stories to communicate what makes them a great place to work. Employers with inspiring, engaging new hire orientation programs use stories to communicate “You made a wise choice”, “You can be proud to work here”, “Employees can make a difference here” and other important messages new employees need to hear.

Leaders who inspire passion and commitment avoid “death by PowerPoint” and instead tell stories that inspire a “can do” attitude. Training and Organizational Development professionals who use storytelling and analogies are able to make their ideas more compelling, understandable, and “sticky”…to use Made to Stick authors Chip and Dan Heath’s terminology.

Stories also make training programs far more interesting and effective. They make your ideas come alive. While storytelling makes all types of learning more effective, it especially shines—and is especially important to master—in the emerging arena of eLearning. Because opportunities for leaving “learners” bored, distracted, and disengaged is much higher in the eLearning medium, it’s even more important for those involved in talent development to master the art of storytelling.

In this webinar, you get both a Big Picture and a Drill Down view of storytelling. In the first half, you will learn how to apply storytelling to all aspects of the talent management process, along with examples of each. In this second half, you will learn how to apply storytelling to training, with an emphasis on the eLearning medium.

What Will You Learn

• How to go beyond vanilla “This is a great place to work. I love it here” employee testimonials and instead tell stories that make your work experience and organizational personality come to life.
• How to make your new hire orientation program inspiring and pride-inducing.
• Ways to Communicate and reinforce your cultural values and norms.
• How to Develop an elicit a “Can do” attitude in people facing major change and challenge.
• Tools to add spice and punch to presentations rather than bore your audience with pie charts and 12 Point Times Roman lists of abstract concepts.
• How to Challenge people’s limiting beliefs and perspectives without being confrontational.
• How to state rationale for using stories as effective tool for adult learners.
• How to Connect learners with the material through stories and narrative.
• How to Create relevant learning through various multi-media techniques.
• How to Create branched scenarios and progressive scenarios that force critical thinking.
• How to Design story-based authentic assessments that lead to results.
• How to Design story-based, results oriented courses in any eLearning authoring tool.

Who Will Participate

HROD Professionals, Talent Acquisition Leaders, Executives, Anyone who utilizes storytelling as a communication lever


Diane Senffner

CEO, Cine Learning Productions

David Lee

Author of ASTD publication 'Add Powerful Storytelling Techniques to Your Training' and Founder of HumanNature@Work

Access Resource

60 Minutes