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The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Large and Small

Presenter: Lisa Earle McLeod, Selling with Noble Purpose -- Keynote Speaker -- Strategy Consultant -- Bestselling Author


Leaders who can embrace paradox (fast AND thorough, creative AND disciplined, short term AND long term, tough AND compassionate) are more successful than those who succumb to an either/or mindset. Either/or thinking is a mental habit that flat-lines innovation, stifles cooperation, hampers leadership, alienates customers, discourages listening, de-motivates employees and subtly stymies our success on multiple levels. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this webinar, Lisa Earle McLeod will introduce you to The Triangle of Truth, a breakthrough model. An elegantly simple tool for leveraging seemingly competing ideas, The Triangle of Truth will help you reframe business and personal challenges in a way that elevate your mind and you spirit.

What Will You Learn

•The single thought process that differentiates superstar performers from their mediocre counterparts.
•How to change the way other people think, and why you should even bother to try.
•Why optimism and pessimism are equally dangerous mindsets, and how you can choose something more realistic AND inspiring.
•How to deal with crazy people without becoming one of them.

Who Will Participate

These techniques apply to anyone who wants to influence the thoughts and actions of others: CEOs, sales executives, team leaders, and parents. (Participants in past programs also report that their love lives dramatically improved, but this research remains anecdotal.)


Lisa Earle McLeod

Selling with Noble Purpose -- Keynote Speaker -- Strategy Consultant -- Bestselling Author

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60 Minutes