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Execution at the Speed of Change: Online Leadership & Management Training

Presenter: John Bernard, Author * Lean Pioneer * Results-Driven Executive


In this online training session you will learn how your organization can prosper by building a system of management that dramatically cuts response time and improves execution through high levels of employee engagement.

What Will You Learn

-How to build an organization that leverages every opportunity
-How to redefine management’s role to enable real-time response
-How to equip your workforce to execute at the speed of changing needs
-The new instantaneous competitive standard
-The behaviors for acting immediately to not lose opportunities

Who Will Participate

This content will be of interest to anyone who is working to significantly improve organizational results: human resources executives, chief learning officers, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, functional-area executives and general managers.


John Bernard

Author * Lean Pioneer * Results-Driven Executive

Access Resource

60 Minutes