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Change Through Crowdsourcing: How to Use Peer-by-Peer Practices to Transform Organizations

Presenter: Liz Guthridge, Coach, confidante & consultant for leaders in new roles who want to hit the ground running & excel


Traditional approaches to change management are losing their effectiveness in today’s change weary organizations. Fearful, frazzled and fatigued employees don’t want to pay attention to change experts—or any other experts for that matter. Instead, employees prefer listening to and watching their peers, and adopting actions that work.

To improve their effectiveness and accelerate change throughout their organizations, change management professionals need to be more and do less. Rather than act as authorities, they need to position themselves as peers serving as trusted advisors. This is change through connections, collaboration, and communication, not coercion.

In this webinar, Liz Guthridge will explain how changes in technology, demographics, and global economics plus advancements in neuroscience are influencing how individuals are reacting to organizational change. Based on her extensive experiences with Fortune 1000 companies as well as nonprofit organizations that count on an army of volunteers, she will describe how organization leaders need to adapt their change techniques to be more relevant and effective in today’s times. By viewing yourself as a coach, curator, and educator, you can increase your impact as a change leader.

What Will You Learn

•How to connect with colleagues and put yourself in their shoes to be a more effective change coach and educator.
•How to replace complicated change methodologies with simple memorable processes that resonate with people. For example, learn how to use this 4-step message planning tool: What?, So what?, Now what?, and What next?
•How to curate instead of create to cut through clutter and build credibility
•How to position change in a more genuinely positive way to make it more brain friendly, which will accelerate adoption.
•How to leverage peers and networks to adopt change that sticks

Who Will Participate

Leaders, managers, team leaders, change agents, HR professionals, OD practitioners, and training & development staff.


Liz Guthridge

Coach, confidante & consultant for leaders in new roles who want to hit the ground running & excel

Access Resource

60 Minutes