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I am recognized worldwide as an expert in people analytics, collaboration, and wearable technology. I’m particularly passionate about the power of behavioral data and analytics to improve organizations and how people work in general. I have been featured in Wired, CNN, and The New York Times, among other outlets, and my work was selected for the Harvard Business Review's List of Breakthrough Ideas and the Technology Review's Top 10 Emerging Technologies. My book People Analytics was released in 2013 by the Financial Times Press.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

The Future of Work

Learning Session | Published: August 06, 2015

What will the workplace by like in 1 year, 5 years, or 20 years down the line. The speed of innovation is moving at light speed. Are you keeping up and ready to capitalize on new technologies and processes necessary to get ahead in today's hyper-charged environment? During this webinar, you'll hear ...
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